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Our patio DISASTER… it was poured in July/August 2011 by Nico Inc. Cement Co. (Dominico Passalacqua)… From the day it was poured there was cracking in the cuts, the surface was done incorrectly, and the structure of the entire patio is erroneous. When we addressed our concerns with the contractor while they were still working, we were informed that it was “too late” to do anything about the fact that the lower portion of the patio had been broom brushed while the main patio was swirled. NOT what we requested. Also, the steps were against county code, the steps do not match any part of the patio, and there was crumbled cement on the side of the steps since the minute it was poured and dried. The cracks on the side of the house were also there the day this job was done. When we raised our concerns we were told “all cement cracks.”

We have been trying to deal with the fact that we paid a lot of hard earned money for this job that was such poor quality and there was nothing we could do about it because the contractor is an unethical person. Almost 2 years later we are finding that the edge of the patio has sunken down quite a bit causing a tripping hazard to people. Also, more and more CHUNKS of cement are breaking off. The patio and steps are pulling away from the house and the cracking is much worse.

Really? Cementing on the wires? No box out? And the crumbling is atrocious!


The so called “stamped” edge is sinking, causing a ledge that can easily be tripped over and cause injury.


This cut is so wide and deep this paper fits at least half way down.



Cement breaking off in large chunks and you can see on the right how it is pulling away from the house


Patio is sliding, pulling away from the house


Cracking/crumbling on the side of the steps from DAY ONE

This pic makes me want to cry… and I have.

This shows the edge is sinking and shifting at a faster pace than the rest of the patio… check out how the lines are not in alignment…


This crack happened right after the job was done. He was supposed to make another cut line (with his dull saw and cheap cement) but he didn’t so this happened.



In addition to all the structural problems such as cracking, crumbling, sinking, pulling away from the house, and injury hazards, this patio was made with low quality cement and tools. Brand new cement should NOT crack and crumble at the cuts and on the border of the house and where other pieces meet. Also, he used the bare minimum when it came to the expansion wire (that dark brown buffer line at seams and what should have been put against the house). The side of the house has a large slope and the contractor was supposed to put a step at the slope to prevent future cracking.

Aside from all of these issues, I will now go into the aesthetic aspect of this. This patio is an eye sore. The steps which were supposed to be “stamped,” are not. They are a regular slap of cheap cement and do not match in color or texture ANY part of the rest of the patio. The color is hideous, (not what we chose), the main patio has a swirl finish (which we requested for the ENTIRE thing), but for some reason the lower patio and going into the walk on the side of the house is broom brushed. This leaves it having different patterns, doesn’t look uniform, and looks like a jumbled mess. Also, the edges of the stamped portion are not stamped. He claimed he didn’t have the right tool for that while in the process of pouring this patio.

Needless to say, this is very upsetting as we trusted and paid this individual to do work on our brand new first home. We have addressed these issues with Dominic Passalacqua of Nico Inc. cement from DAY ONE and he blew us off each time. Finally, 10 months later, we find out about all the structural issues and how this patio is not lasting. We addressed out original and new concerns once again only to be shot down by him and his business.

Please, whether you are a commerical site or residential, do NOT do business with this man or his company. Learn from our mistakes.


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  1. Ha ha… I was just searching around and took a glimpse at these responses. I can’t think there’s nonetheless this much attention. Thanks for writing about this.

  2. Can I just say what a relief to find someone who actually knows what theyre talking about on the internet. You definitely know how to bring an issue to light and make it important. More people need to read this and understand this side of the story. I cant believe youre not more popular because you definitely have the gift.

  3. This past summer 2 of my friends along with myself worked for “Nico inc” and I have to say this is the WORST concrete company I’ve worked for, we worked long hours and were promised a reasonable salary and when it came down to it he had lied the whole time, I will voucher with this post in saying they use very old and worn out tools and he cuts every corner he can, as you can see from these jobs and in the short time working with this horrible company in ashamed to say we did some horrible jobs. And now that I’m trying to get my W2 to get my taxes done he is avoiding me and not answering my calls. DO NO DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!

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