Vinyl Camo Mossy Oak Graphics

I just found this awesome site called Mossy Oak Graphics.  They have the absolute  best mossy oak Vinyl Camo wraps.  They have a ton of different product categories like trucks, guns, atvs, utvs, and much more. If you are ahunter and are looking for camo wraps I highly recommend Read More »

Nico Inc | Dominic Passalacqua | Patio Cement Scam Michigan

Our patio DISASTER… it was poured in July/August 2011 by Nico Inc. Cement Co. (Dominico Passalacqua)… From the day it was poured there was cracking in the cuts, the surface was done incorrectly, and the structure of the entire patio is erroneous. When we addressed our concerns with the contractor while they were still working, we were informed that it was “too late” ... Read More »

How to Become a Paralegal

A paralegal or legal assistant is a professional tasked with providing various forms of support for attorneys including legal research, document drafts as well as the organization and maintenance of various client files. If you have a strong interest in the law but do not want to be an attorney then becoming a paralegal is one of the best career ... Read More »

Health Insurance Michigan

10 Tips for Finding Good Health Insurance in Michigan written by: warlock Finding the best health insurance Michigan has to offer is quite a tricky affair for most people. The fact that there are so many insurance providers does not help matters. In fact, this adds to the dilemma that majority of people go through in finding an insurance policy ... Read More »

Michigan Auto Insurance


  How To Get Auto Insurance In Michigan – Acquiring The Best Rates There are several fundamental things which you must consider before going for an auto insurance policy in Michigan. If you want to get auto insurance in Michigan and that too at the best possible rates then you need to research hard and do the right things at ... Read More »

Tappers Jewelry | West Bloomfield | Novi | Troy Michigan


  Tappers has been in the jewelry business since 1977.  They specialize in diamonds, engagement sets, and watches.   When looking for Michigan engagement rings, you should avoid chain stores and instead rely on independent jewelers. It is also wise to choose Michigan diamonds that aren’t name brands. Buying  name brand jewelry means significant (and unnecessary) increases in price. Good jewelers purchase their own diamonds ... Read More »